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Look Walkers (iwalker)

This look walkers iWalker (Look walker, Ad walker, Human banner, Walking billboard) is a Mobile Advertising format. It is a kind of Walking billboard. In this kind of advertisement, person carries a Lookwalker billboard on his back and then moves in the market. Also, this billboard glows using a battery. This leaves an everlasting impression on the customers. This kind of innovative advertisement has the HIGHEST RECALL RATE OF THE BRAND and that’s what the real purpose of advertisement and innovation is. This being an innovative marketing solution aids in attracting and engaging target audiences. In lookwalker walking billboard advertisement Advertising Walker walks with the crowd, and makes a incomparable impression. Look walker(iwalker, ad walker) is a best medium to create a BUZZZZZ in a market.Look Walker in Patna Bihar,Lookwalker Advertising in Patna Bihar,Lookwalker Advertising Agency in Patna Bihar,iWalkers in Patna Bihar, human billboard in Patna Bihar, Human Banner advertising agency in Patna Bihar, Human Banner Promotions in Patna Bihar,look walker manufacturers in Patna Bihar,Look Walker Advertising Services in Patna Bihar, Look Walkers Agency in Patna Bihar,Lookwalker, look walker , iWalker, Lookwalker Patna Bihar , look walker delhi, iWalker Patna Bihar , Lookwalker Patna Bihar, look walker Patna Bihar , iWalker Patna Bihar, Walking billboard, walking billboard Patna Bihar, walking billboard Patna Bihar, lookwalker Patna Bihar, look walker Patna Bihar, lookwalker Patna Bihar, look walker Patna Bihar


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This can be used at the time of :-

  1. Store launching,
  2. Product launching,
  3. SALES promotion,
  4. Special promotions,
  5. Road shows,
  6. Movie promotions,
  7. Buzz marketing,
  8. Sampling, E etc.

We have handled iWalker (Lookwalker Ad walker)

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